Other Events

G&S at West Green House

Every year an area of the gardens of the famous West Green House in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire is transformed into a theatre to stage some of the best professional operas, but there are also several other parts of the gardens and inside the enormous greenhouse too, where afternoon tea concerts are held.

For the 4th year running we were invited back last year to give one of these concerts on Sunday 6th July.  We were again in the greenhouse because the day was rather breezy and that venue is better for the smaller concerts anyway.  Some photos to follow.

Last year the weather wasn’t too good either and the event was also in the greenhouse rather than outside and we did the best bits from 3 of the best loved operas - HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe and Pirates of Penzance.  Below are some photos from the day.

In 2011 and 2012 we performed a costumed concert version of a single opera (photos here).

If you are in the Bournemouth area and want to see what’s going on at the moment, then a good site is ‘WhereCanWeGo’ and some of the current events from that source are shown below.  If nothing is showing, the site is not transmitting!


The weather was so good in 2011 that we were outside for our first visit to West Green House and The Mikado.  Click the photograph to see some more pictures.

In 2012 it was cold and wet and we were inside the enormous greenhouse for our second visit and a production of Patience.  Click the photograph to see some more pictures.