Spring Show 

Our Spring Shows last year included some lovely Johann Strauss music as well as the usual Gilbert & Sullivan numbers.

The show was in the form of a fully costumed and staged concert version of

Die Fledermaus

(The Bat - hence the title!)

This was the first half of the show and included all the best musical pieces from that operetta. The second half was some of the favourite numbers from the G&S operas.

* 2013 * ‘Bats About G & S!’

Our Spring Show for 2014 has just finished and was a selection of the personal favourites of Mr Gilbert and Mr Sullivan:

‘Little List of Gems’

This was on at our usual 3 venues as follows:

Friday 9th May - Barrington Theatre, Ferndown

Friday 16th May - Regent Centre, Christchurch

Saturday 17th May - Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne


Have a look at the article in the Blackmore Vale magazine which tells you all about the show.

If you came along we do hope you enjoyed the evening and thank you for your support.